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In every decade, makeup and beauty trends have always differed greatly. Taking eyebrows for an example, In the late 20th century, the trend was to maintain the thinnest most set of eyebrows whereas a few decades before that, a time had come when no eyebrows at all were preferred as well. However, now is the time of Eyebrows full, thick and on fleek like the Nike ticker symbol.

What are Eyebrow Trimmers?

Multiple methods were previously used to bring your eyebrows to perfection such as plucking or waxing but the times of these painful procedures have come to an end since the Eyebrow Trimmers were introduced. Eyebrow trimmers are basically devices mechanized to trim eyebrows in order to achieve the desired shapes and shed off the bushy-ness level, with no pain at all. It consists of sharp yet handy blades and it can be both, electrical and manual. However, they are to be handled with care as a single wrong move and you are eyebrow bald for a long time.

How to use electrical Eyebrow Trimmers?

All electrical eyebrow trimmers are basically the same, they have removable utensils for you to change such as an eyebrow comb and a trimmer. So to start off, apply the eyebrow comb head on the machine and comb it away. This will bring the hair to a neater look and reduce them to a reasonable length. Run your finger through the brow to make it smooth.  Secondly, attach the trimmer utensil on the machine and run it through to reduce the bushy element, make sure to begin from the inner corner and then proceed outwards or else there might be no hair to trim again. Then replace it with the tiny blades one, carefully shape your eyebrows as you like on the edges and the brow bone where your highlighter will set, make that area bare. However, avoid going too thin. Lastly, wipe off the eyebrows with a damp cloth to remove any cut hair. You may now admire your work of art.

How to use manual Eyebrow Trimmers?

The manual trimmers require a set of separate utensils which include a tooth comb, small pair of fine eyebrow scissors, and an eyebrow razor. In order to begin, comb out your eyebrow hair upwards, only the ones that might be growing in that direction. The hair that seems to be extending out of the shape of your eyebrow are the ones that need to go. Trim them to match the shape. If your eyebrows are bushy, lift some of the hair with the help of the comb at a 45-degree angle and press the scissors next to the comb, reduce some of the volumes. Continue grooming till the density become equal throughout. Now, with the help of the razor, clear out the extra hair blooming around the original shape, stop when you have reached your desired shape. The work here is done.

Eyebrow trimmers are a life savior when it comes to grooming our eyebrow bushes, a useful everyday tool