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We usually come across kitchen knives whenever it pop ups in our mind but there are more facts about knives.To survive in wilderness one needs a survival thing for an emergency purpose where survival knives come to rescue. Imagine you are in the middle of the forest and you have lost most of your things all alone you need an emergency tool and that tool is a survival knife. Being in the wilderness you need to protect yourself from dangerous animals. It is used to protect in times where there is no gun to shoot or a rifle. It is beneficial in extreme environments like hiking, hunting and much more. It also minimizes your burden of carrying many things with you. Instead, you can carry around survival knives easily anywhere. Make sure your survival knives are used in extreme conditions without breaking up. They should tend to break through tough materials without getting damaged.

There are some amazing facts about survival knives. They come in different sizes. The blade can range up to 5 inches long. Their purpose of usage is enormous. From cutting a piece of stake to military defense purpose, survival knives are the best options.

Blade styles               

Blades are the most important part of survival knives. It should be keenly observed while a Survival knife comes in different styles of the blade. Some are fixed knives with thin blades used mostly for cutting performances while some have thick blades they are generally used knives. Some are foldable knives that don’t usually come in handy for major purposes but they can be mentioned for carrying along easily and used in certain situations.


Hunters usually opt for easy controlled knives. As in their situation, they need to act quickly. And for that buck survival knives are best options with their good quality purpose.

Boot knives

Boot knives are one of the famous knives as they are so easy to handle and hide that they can be hidden in your boots. They are small in size and can be fitted in the belt.

Military survival knives

Going back in time when they’re used to fight on the battlefield. The soldiers used swords to kill their enemies. The purpose was a quick and easy action of killing in the field. So are the military survival knives.