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Lagouira is a beautiful land located in the Morocco. It is a desert land, but still, it keeps mysteries for tourists to explore. Tourists always prefer areas which are less known to people or which has many secrets to reveal. Lagouira is somewhat a secret land as very few people know about it. This amazing place is the home to many historical events. There are some particular games and festivals associated with a lagouira region of Morocco. After reading this article, you will definitely want to pack your bag and make your way towards the Morocco.

Climate of lagouira

Since Lagouira is a desert land, so there is virtually no such rainfall in this region. The climate of this area is generally known as a desert climate. Its climate is classified as the BWh by a particular system known as Koppen-Geiger system. The annual temperature of lagouira is 21.8 °C while the average rainfall is about 19 mm.

Lagouira as a Desert Land

People only knows that Sahara desert is the largest desert in the world, but they do not know that Dakhla is another ideal place for tourists who wants to visit some desert. Dakhla is the capital of Oued Eddahabad-Lagouira which have the benefit of the chill Atlantic Ocean as well. People can visit this place easily with a luxury tour, and it is present in the south of the Agadir. The seacoast road is quite cold most of the time. However, the temperature of this region can shoot up to approximately 49°C, and the tourists may feel dehydrated if they have not prepared themselves for this extreme weather. This area does not have any beach, but people can enjoy on the oceanfront promenade.

Place of Precious stone

Tourists who travel around the world to enhance the collection of precious stones will find some deposits in lagouira too. As told in the opening sentences of this article that Lagouria has many secrets for people to reveal, so this is one of them. People have found some natural deposits of gypsum crystals in this beautiful land. So, people who are fond of collecting natural deposits are usually found in this part of Morocco.

Activities hid for tourists

Lagouira is a welcoming place for tourists as many events are conducted in this beautiful land every year. They can enjoy fishing from shore, deep sea fishing, visiting an oyster farm, camel riding, and kite surfing and windsurfing. Fishing is the popular trend of lagouira because this area has many versatile species like borinto, mullet, tuna, marlin, swordfish, and sea perch. It lies among the popular regions for fishing.

Food at lagouira

People might have imagined that this region could have only the desert animals, but this is not the case as this place is a home to many other beautiful animals. People can find certain delicious animals for their food like morsels or sand crabs. The lagouira is either filled with humans or with stunning birds and animals. People can see the footmarks of animals easily on the wet sand.