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Most of the people check in on Instagram to get visual treat and inspiration when they get bored at their desk. When the visual pop up on their feed, they click through and visit that profile to see more beautiful images and Instagram themes for feed. People love the flawless images, spotless color palette and original and high-quality photos on Instagram. If you are a brand and looking for boosting post engagement then you need to create your own Instagram theme for your feed. However, it is the tough nut to crack to build a consistent theme for your Instagram feed. But it is very crucial to create your own Instagram theme when it comes to becoming Instagram famous.

  • Choose a color palette
  • Shoot in the same light
  • Use Editing tools
  • Balance your feed out
  • Plan & schedule ahead

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Choose a color palette

If you want to build a consistent Instagram theme, all you need to use your brand colors into your feed posts. For example, Shopify uses turquoise color in every feed’ row as turquoise is one of its brand colors. You can also create a consistent color palette for your brand using this idea.

Shoot in the same light:

If your visuals have light colors then consider opting warm or cold color tone for your Instagram feed to build a consistent Instagram theme. When you apply the warm color tones then it will look yellow undertones. On the other hand, cool color tones will give you slightly more blue undertones.

Use Editing tools

You can edit your photos and Instagram stories as well. You can edit your stories on your phone while you need to download some apps to edit your photos. You can use the apps like A color story for using filters and light flares with your photos, VSCO, SnapSeed, and lately. All these apps have good editing brush, plenty of filter options and flares that male your images more appealing. You can also save your own filter combination and apply them to your images over and over again.

Balance your feed out

As you hot to know, you need to take photos in the same light and edit a similar way, now you have to space out your feed to get the impeccable balance between the images. It might be enticing to want to show your product, again and again, space it out and mix the shots of your product with other lifestyle shots, quotes or anything that look perfect. But it should create a complete representation of your brand.

Plan & schedule ahead

Next up is to plan and schedule ahead. When you are planning to create your own Instagram theme, you should also produce quality content regularly and post them more often. With this keep in mind, if you are able to create a perfect theme but you are posting frequently, you will not take benefits of this theme. All you to post consistently, engage your followers that will ultimately help you to get likes on Instagram.