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What are Muscle Cramps:

A muscle cramp is an involuntary contraction of one or more muscles inside the human body. This can happen in a sudden random movement or when a muscle is performing an intense movement. This can cause severe pain in that portion of the muscles which results in that the person is unable to move that part of the body. Muscle cramps can also happen when the human body experience a sudden change in the temperature of the environment. Like, many times people experience it when they have a high temperature due to a workout, and then they move to a cold place. This sudden change can cause a muscle cramp.

Causes of muscle cramps:

Overuse of muscles, dehydration and the sudden change in the temperature just like we have mentioned before are the general causes for the muscle cramps. When it comes to medical conditions which are the reasons behind the muscle cramps, you will see that the inadequate blood supply is one the reasons which causes cramps. This happens when the arteries inside the human body are narrowed down. This usually occurs in the legs portion of the body. The blood does not reach that portion which results in severe pain. It can go away when the person takes a break from the exercise.

The other medical cause for the muscle cramp is the nerve compression. This can also cause severe pain in the part of the muscles where this happens. The pain keeps on getting worse when that affected muscle is still in motion.

Mineral depletion is also another reason behind the cause of muscle cramps. It involves lack of potassium, calcium or magnesium inside the human body.

Risk Factors:

There are some risk factors when it comes to more chances of getting muscle cramps. First factor is the age. Older people are more likely to have muscle cramps as their muscles get weak and they also have less muscle mass which results in involuntary contractions. The second factor is the dehydration. This usually happens in the hot environments when your body is in need of water all the time. So, lack of water in the body resultingly causes muscle cramps. Pregnancy is also another factor which produces muscle cramps inside the woman’s body. Different medical conditions related to any person is also a big risk factor for the muscle cramps.

Recovering from it:

To recover from the muscle cramps, there are two ways. The first way is to do stretching and massaging the affected muscle. This will relieve the pain as the blood will start to flow normally through the arteries. The idea behind is to open up the arteries which are narrowed down due to cramps. The second way is to apply heat or cold. You can do it by using towels or pads on the affected muscles. Taking a warm shower also helps to relieve the pain and aid the muscle to recover from the cramps.