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There are some tools that can help you to increase your SoundCloud Plays that will take over the world of music very soon. SoundCloud is a great place for music lovers where they can find any type of audio track to make their lighter moments special. Everyone knows the potential of this platform but unless you are not a famous artist on SoundCloud, getting noticed by a number of people can be a challenging task. Although buying SoundCloud plays give you a lot of exposure but you can take advantage of this platform by using the following tools. In this post, we will talk about how to increase SoundCloud plays using tools. Let’s delve into it!


Fastlykke gives you the platform for social proofing and helps the artists and musicians to drive more likes, plays and SoundCloud followers. Fastlykke also provides other services like you can buy SoundCloud plays here that start from $3. Getting a number of plays to help the artists to grow their music in short order.

Tunecore Social:

It is a platform for music promotion that helps the musicians to build following on all social platforms. The good thing is that TuneCore is not offering a single service for its customers but it provides the array of services. It provides the track mastering with the collaboration of Landr and After Master. It has also support for radio airplay. If you want to distribute your music physically, Tunecore also provides you the services of CD publications.


Hyeddit is a platform where you can make SoundCloud songs more visible to potential fans. It is generally used by the big artist but new users can also be used for promoting their music. It provides its users a lot of tools to increase the social proof of your music and make it visible to your followers and potential fans. The idea behind the Hypeddit is fan-gating or passage. The artists can upload their tracks and listeners can easily access this exclusive content by becoming their SoundCloud follower.

The Artist Union:

It is a community where artists and musicians can link to their potential fans. Like other promotional sites of SoundCloud, it also works on the following to download gates. It helps you to gain engagement, more track likes, and reposts. Although, the artists union introduces the concept of growing your Soundcloud followers by download gates. It uses the SoundCloud Powerscore feature which is the algorithm of Artist Union that gives the objective score (between 0 to 100) for the level of influence to the users.


Landr lets the users improve the quality of SoundCloud tracks. It works through the cloud-based software which analyzes the tracks of the artists and enhances them using the tools. When the quality will rise then it will create a good impact on SoundCloud plays. When you buy SoundCloud plays then you will get more exposure. One of the best function of Landr is the genre detection function and this function categorizes your audio tracks into specific genres.