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Introduction of Logan property company: Logan property is established in 1996 in china and consider as the most famous investment company. It start its business career in china and expand throughout the world in very short time. It developed residential property and due to hard work and good governance attracts many homeowners and investors. It was listed on the main broad of stock exchange of HONG KONG in 2013. It spread its business roots towards Singapore due to strict measures in china and write its name on the top of most famous property developers.

Designing and construction: It has qualified Grade-A among the most reputable companies for its good ability in engineering designs, construction of the property ,development and maintaining of the property.

Hard work and good governance: The company has been recognized in the world for its hard work and good governance. The company is also famous for its investment in new projects along with its own housing and other projects. This is the reason of its high ranking in best developers list of Singapore as well as other countries.

Expanding investment to Singapore: In 2017 company want to expand its investment throughout the world and for international expansion they think Singapore as the best country to gain its goal. The company took its first step in Singapore by developing Stirling Residence as the first property which has good quality and facilities and become the centre of attention for homeowners and upgraders.

Why Singapore was the choice: According to Mr. Lee in business times, Singapore seem to them aa business- friendly due to open operating and business environment while it was not the case of china due to different types of strict measures. So they decide their international expansion towards Singapore. According to Him, the Logan property has entering their new channels in different residential and commercial projects in Singapore.Outstanding projects: Logan property is the top property developer and perform many famous outstanding projects. Some are;

Logan century centre Shenzhen, Ace site park Zhuhai, Ace site park Zhuhai, Ace site Mansion Nanning, Royal sea sunshine shantoon, carat complex Shenzhen.

Ranking: The company was always ranked high in every field of business throughout the World because of their The Florence Residences floor plans. It got 295th position in 500 topmost enterprises in fortune china in 2017. After which the company was ranked 26th position in the china Top real estate developer. It was not enough for its success and popularity in continuation to it the company got 4th position in top most profitable companies and was highly recognized for its good quality and strength throughout the world.

Building to better life: The company provide a lot of homes and perform many residential projects for the welfares of people. These homes have good quality and strength for the betterment of lives of people. It provide shelters to sixty thousands people. The company establish the concept of building to better life. According to which they engineer such designs to home which is modern and most suitable for living a good standard of life.