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We all are well aware of the amazing Italian cuisine, the pasta, the pizza the cheese, and we absolutely love it. However, in Italy itself, you would see how different the variety is compared to the regular dishes we are served at home. A true food lover would deeply understand that there is a divine connection between Italian food and the aroma in which it can only be fully experienced is that of Italy itself. If you are one, lucky for you, here we have the complete list of the Italian dishes you can enjoy.

  • Spaghetti Carbonara

The crown holder of the Roman pasta. It has a blend of pepper with eggs, pecorino cheese, and guanciale mixed into a creamy texture. Spaghetti carbonara is not to be missed.

You can find this at Salumeria Roscioli, Rome.

  • Cottoletta Alla Milanese

A scrumptious crispy veal cutlet fried in butter and topped with cherry tomato. This dish is one on its own, closest to most.

You can find this at Osteria Brunello, Milan

  • Porchetta

A huge pork loin wrapped inside strips of bacon and marinated in herbs and garlic. Slowly baked for half a day to be brought to your table and served in thin slices, Porchetta is exquisite.

You can find this at I porchettoni di pigneta, Rome

  • Bistecca Alla Fiorentina

This steak is never too enough, especially when served rare.

You can find this at Il Latini, Florence

  • Pizza Margherita

This extravagant thin bread pizza topped with tomatoes, mozzarella di buffalo is complete within itself.

You can find this at Al’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, Napoli

  • Pasta con le sarde

Sardines, roasted bread crumbs, anchovies, raisins, fennel, and pine nuts swirled through pasta, served over the Mediterranean sea. The world is complete here.

You can find this at Al Mazari, Syracuse

  • Tortellini en brodo

A typical winter dish including tortellini fragments in broth, tortellini en brodo served at its best.

You can find this at Al pap                                                                                                                                                   agallo, Bologna

  • Pastry

There are multiple pastries available in Italy, the few of the most famous is the sfogliatelle, a pastry shaped like the tail of a lobster, stuffed with ricotta or sweet cream; Bigne di San Giuseppe are the pastries filled with cream and are lightly fried; Cornetti are the croissants filled with cream; Cannoli, tube-shaped pastry which is deep-fried, filled with Ricotta and flavored cream.

You can find this at any bar

  • Gelato

Gelato is a desert famous all around the world but yet again the Italian version has its specialties. When you intend to find gelato in Italy, look for the light colored one which is not too stiff to stand in a tower because that happens when preservatives are added. If you really want the taste of the original, go for the traditional flavors.

You can find this at Giolitti, Rome

All the mentioned dishes are purely Italian especially hand-picked from their truest destinations, ensure to provide you an extravagant Italian cuisine experience.