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New Zealand has been experiencing a vast rate of migrants since the past few years now, the major reason for this is that other countries such as the USA, Australia, and Britain have put up strict immigration policies, having fewer countries to choose from and weighing New Zealand as the favorable option. There are multiple reasons for one to migrate to another country, it can be for settlement, education, transfer of job or anything but all of this leads to one base; better opportunities. And these better opportunities are readily available in New Zealand.

Easily accessible immigration

From 2016 to 2017 only, the net number of migrants were recorded to be 1,30,400 and the ones who left were only 58,400. However, by 2018 decreased by 6,800 but immigrants still stay determined due to the many feasibilities offered in New Zealand.

Where do most immigrants come from?

China holds the first position when it comes to immigrants in New Zealand, followed by The UK and Australia. However, the migrants from India have dropped by 31% but the immigrants from Zimbabwe and South Africa continue to raise every year.

Why are people attracted to New Zealand for migration?

Each year a huge number of immigrants end up in New Zealand from various countries all around the world, the one thing that helps the immigrants to feel welcome is the fact that all New Zealanders are originally immigrants themselves, dating back to centuries even. There are a number of traditions still carried out hence the new ones are also welcomed. Just recently, New Zealand has been ranked as the 13th most favorable country for immigrants, followed by Canada.

  • People choose New Zealand for multiple purposes but its awe-striking natural destinations are something most crave. There are numerous serene beauty that a person can find peace in, such as lakes, forests, breathtaking mountains with skiing opportunities as well as fjords. Not to mention the sun, there is lots of it. The three major cities get about 2,000 hours of sunshine annually coupled with stunning sandy beaches perfect for sun-bathing and multiple surfing spots.
  • New Zealand is among one of the developed countries whose economy is yet on the rise. With that being done, the existing and the emerging industries need a great number of employees to help them further establish and are always in dire need of skilled personals, hence the job opportunities are readily available.
  • New Zealand has been accounted for the 2nd most peaceful country around the globe. Be it because of the scenic beauty, the strict anti-nuclear policy or the ever embracing neighborhood, New Zealand is worth living in.
  • Not to forget how people are almost never accustomed to be classified in different classes and sects. The strong belief that every individual is unique in their amazing ways is widely followed and is an important reason why it has an increasing immigration rate.

With a healthy lifestyle, a good Rugby Union and readily embracing, peaceful people in the country why it draws this amount of immigrants towards it.